This is an
archive of the works
of Melvin Alvarez





I am interested in all forms of visual communication, especially the ones that bridge the gap between people and the promise of new technologies and ideas. I think visual communication is the perfect medium to help people understand complex ideas and inspire them to take better control of their future without the fear and intimidation of the unknown.

For me, design means understanding; it is the ability to translate something complex and usually indecipherable into something that seems so simple and natural. What made me fall in love with design is its power to help achieve understanding through the use of typography, color, materiality, and composition. As a designer, you are given the opportunity to influence how other people think and react; to observe others intently and discover something more than just surface level.

As designers, I think part of our job is to look beyond what we see to be able to truly understand what's right in front us; filter out the noise, and synthesize a solution formulated from a process that is heavily anchored to functionality while also tapping into beauty and its immense power to inspire.

My design process revolves around experimentation with both analog and digital tools. I heavily rely on the the foundations of graphic and motion design to find out the best way to visually communicate an idea or to test out solutions to current needs. I relish in the process of learning and integrating new-found knowledge and skills to current and future needs.

I received a BA in Multimedia Arts at Asia Pacific College in Manila, a BFA in Graphic Design at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and an unfinished MFA in Web Design and New Media at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Currently, I am working on Volume 4 of Super Secret Banana and experimenting with WebVR in AFrame. I am always down for collaborations and fun projects. Feel free to reach me on twitter, instagram, or at