I'm Melvin Alvarez — A Product Designer with a background in Visual Design

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Melvin Alvarez

Hello, I'm Melvin 👋

A Product Designer focused on bridging the gap between users and new technology.

I have over nine years experience in design, initially working as a Visual Designer for startups and agencies in San Francisco before working on digital products — designing tools that help organizations, their business, and their audience unlock growth in new segments.

Previously, I've worked with the Gitcoin Core team to design their products including Gitcoin Grants, providing millions in funding to thousands of open source projects across the globe. I then worked at Mojito helping design an enterprise platform that onboards businesses and their audience into the Web3 space. Currently, I am working with early-stage startups designing products involving AI, Augmented Reality and Enterprise Resource Planning.

I'm always down for collaborations, feel free to reach me at alvarezmelvin@me.com with what you have in mind. Thanks for reading! ✌️😊