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Process / HoneyPot.Money

Product Design

Countering Sybil Attacks by Creating Sybil Resistant Identities

Gitcoin's founder, Kevin Owocki, partnered with me to create HoneyPot.Money — a platform that incentivizes the creation of digital identities to counter sybil attacks that harm the blockchain.

Product Design, Visual Design, Prototyping (HTML, CSS, JS)

honeypot money real bear peeking through trees

What is a Sybil Attack?

It might sound complex but you're probably aware of events similar to a sybil attack: rigged giveaways where users submit multiple entries by using multiple emails, online voting systems with questionable voter identities, and even questionable social media engagement from users that don't seem to be operated by real people.

honeypot money fake bear peeking through trees

Decentralization and Privacy

We designed HoneyPot.Money to integrate with BrightID which is a privacy-first social identity network allowing users to be able to authenticate proof of identity without having to share their personal information.

BrightID landing page screenshot BrightID Identity is a Human Right screenshot


Honeypot Claim Flow

The claim flow is designed to be pretty straightforward since the identity authentication process happens off-platform via the BrightID integration.

honeypot money claim flow


Open Source Projects Collaboration

When working on open-source + public goods projects at Gitcoin, there are times where there's no Developer readily available to collaborate with.

I prepared a Github repository as the design documentation for developer hand-off since design and development might have a significant gap in timeline.

honeypot money figma file with documentation


Visual Design

As the sole Designer for the project, I also took on illustration and branding. After some quick rough drafts, I met with Kevin to walk him through my progress and assumptions and we ended up choosing a storybook-like approach to the Visual Design of the platform.

honeypot money illustrated assets honeypot money bear illustrations honeypot money bear illustrations continued


Putting The Elements Together

During the design phase, I proposed an idea where some of the elements in the UI will be randomly generated and only appear at certain local machine time to simulate day and night.

To push the design further, I also added animated svg elements that randomly spawn and add more depth to each composition.

honeypot money UI setup guide

“I proposed an idea where some of the elements in the UI will be randomly generated and only appear at certain times based on the user's local machine time to simulate day and night.”

honeypot money assembly breakdown


High Fidelity Prototyping

As there was still no available developer to collaborate with after finishing the designs, I spent some time creating prototypes of the different claim scenarios.

I completed this Github repository so incoming developers can also easily fork the code and use it as a guide or even as a starting point for development even if I'm not available to walk them through my designs.

honeypot money screens


HoneyPot.Money Claim Flow

As a result, Developers were able to easily fork the repository and take a stab at the project. They were able to connect the backend with the designs I coded which shaved some time off front-end development.


HoneyPot as a Sybil Resistance Learning Resource

Potential additional learning features about sybil attacks and sybil resistance can be introduced to the project, taking advantage of the storybook-like illustrations and fun approach which can be conducive to teaching complex concepts in a fun way.

I would love to get the chance to explore this idea further and make the experience more robust not just for users familiar with Web3 but also new users interested in taking control of their private information.

honeypot money mobile screens